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Studying Asia & ICTs in Ballarat
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By tmarch, June 7, 2011 5:12 am

Please begin by using the comments link on this post to share your personal learning goals for this workshop.
I have the pleasure of facilitating another 2 Day workshop for the Studies of Asia group at the Victorian department of education. Lindy Stirling, State Advisor, Studies of Asia (see the Studies of Asia Wiki) and local educators have organised this session in historic Ballarat.

After adding your comment, you might like to download the handouts for this 2 Day Workshop
Studies of Asia Links

* Studies of Asia wiki
* Units of Work – from Studies of Asia Wiki
* Asia Education Curriculum
* Asia Education Student Activities

Activity 1: Great examples from previous Studies of Asia Workshops

To get a sense of what we will be creating over the next two days, please explore the work created by participants in previous sessions. Try to notice the features, strategies and benefits gained from such a learning platform.

* Melissa A
* Maddison C
* Finley S
* Oriana R
* Carolyn C
* Jenny B
* Thea S
* Gregory S
* Anne G
* Prep T Rocks!
* Maffra Indo
* David S
* Margaret
* Helen C
* Rachael L
* Chris E
* Julie M
* Pete B
* Andrew P
* Lydia
* Mathew
* Wild’s Epic Nihongo Blog!
* Japanese Culture
* Asian Literacy @ L.P.S Blog – Great PD WebQuest on Asian Cultures

Brainstorm what you noticed using a shared Stixy board

(debrief Web 2.0 terminology?)
Activity 2: Creating Your Smart Online Space

* Get a WordPress Blog
* Change the theme
* Make a Post
* Embed YouTube (remember &rel=0)?
* Try TubeChop.com (see the Tubechop Update tutorial)
* Get Firefox for extensions like the video downloader?
* Embed all kinds of media in WordPress (maps, images, documents or polls?)

Fine-tuning your Blog

* Comment Settings
* Siderbar widgets
* Various How-to Videos from WordPress
* Add as a link to your Sidebar (video) or Add a link (page)

Activity 3: Look to Learn : : Learn to Look

* Look to Learn – overview
* Look to Learn Web site
* Look to Learn Sample Prompts
* Thinking Routines overview
* Thinking Routines from the Visible Thinking team at Harvard
* Article on Making Thinking Visible by David Perkins

Online Samples

* 1984
* Miniature Earth
* VisionShift: Whose Future?
* “I Can”
* Nuclear Giving
* There’s Data in them ther Kids (cartoon)
* The Global Rich List (interactive site)

Day 2 – Personalising Your Learning to Personalise Student Learning
Paths to Personal Success – Twiddla EtherPad
Path 1: Create 3 – 5 Look to Learn Activities for your students

* Export / Import to begin new blog?
* Copy / Paste this Post into your blog?
* WordPress Lessons

Path 2: Web 2 Tools

* Download the Web 2 Tools Overview handout and paste in the Tools Panel for your site.
* Tutorial: Add a New Page

Path 3: Enrich your site with content and rich media

RSS Feeds

* Netvibes – Lindy’s Cambodia Resources
* RSS in Plain English (Common Craft)
* Tutorial: Add a Link
* Tom’s Strategies and Studies of Asia Resources
* Tutorial: Add a Netvibes Feed

Other Media

* iTunes – Embed a podcast with a player
* Add Flickr images through Creative Commons Advanced Search
* TED / YouTube Channels
* Add the Tools Panel for your site (and use these icons to edit it for yourself?)

Path 4: Manage your Rich Media Links

* (Social Bookmarking explained by Common Craft)
* Diigo Social Bookmarks: get the toolbar, login and start bookmarking!
* Consider joining or pinching from the Look to Learn Diigo Group
* Lindy’s Diigo Studies of Asia Group: Join this Group.

Path 5: Create a ClassPortal

* About ClassPortals
* ClassPortal Topics
* “Chapter 1″
* Contribute to Wikipedia? – Simple English Wikipedia on China vs. regular China page

Path 6: Create Specific Learning Activities

* Examples from Tom’s Six Paths to China

Path 7: CEQ•ALL – Student-managed Learning

* Pedagogies slides (download and play)
* CEQ•ALL Rubric (pdf)
* CEQ•ALL Rationale article
* CEQ•ALL Profiles (pdf)


Important – please complete this form (made with jotform)


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