Animals 27/11/2011

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Animal Game

Task – Create a poster with a picture of one of the animals you have learned about. Include the name of the animal in Japanese and the sound it makes if you know this.


nan nen sei desuka 22/11/2011

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ジャスミンさんなんせいですか。Jasmine, what year are you in?

jasumin san nan nen sei desu ka

しょうがっこうさんねんせいです。At primary school, I am in year three.

shougakkou san nen sei desu



Family 14/11/2011

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Counters for People

ojiisan (Grandpa)

obaasan (Grandma)

otousan (Dad)

okaasan (Mum)

oniisan (Big Brother)

otouto (Little Brother)

imouto (Little Sister)

akachan (Baby)

itoko (cousin)


watashi no kazoku wa go nin desu

There are five people in my family.

otousan to okaasan to oniisan to otouto to watashi ga imasu.

There is dad, mum, big brother, little brother and me.